Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Makhdob Law firm and Legal Consultancy, is a professional firm based in Riyadh, specialized in providing legal and Sharia consultation services. Al Makhdob office was Founded in 2014 by Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Makhdob, a former Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Interior for the Rights Affairs., the office converted into a firm in 2021.

Our firm distinguishes itself by offering a select group of former judges, lawyers, legal, and Sharia advisors with both theoretical and practical expertise in legal and Sharia fields. This esteemed panel enables us to achieve our goals and meet our clients' needs in the most effective ways. We are committed to continuously developing and updating our legal and Sharia skills, adopting the best practices, and incorporating cutting-edge techniques in the realms of law and Sharia consultancy, ensuring the realization of our clients' shared objectives while preserving our reputation and standing.



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Striving to deliver the best legal services to our clients, we endeavor to be pioneers in all aspects of legal services, achieving the highest levels of quality and professionalism in all our offerings. We believe in the importance of providing innovative and comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, whether individuals or companies. Among our core principles are achieving client satisfaction and building a strong and reliable reputation in the field of legal services.

Providing distinguished and integrated legal services to our clients through the recruitment of a qualified and experienced team, and employing the latest legal techniques and practices in our work.

Our Services

We are pleased to offer judicial and consultative services that cater to all your needs

including but not limited to

Litigation and dispute resolution

Legal consultations

Arbitration in all disputes

Estate and company liquidation

Banking and financial disputes

Drafting and formulating contracts

Providing legal services to government entities, private organizations, and individuals

Legal representation, advocacy, and litigation before judicial authorities

Judicial custody

Cases related to the insolvency system

Establishing Saudi and foreign companies

Documentation services

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Determination opens the doors to success

Precision makes the difference

Discipline entrenches trust


Dr. Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Makhdob

Lawyer, Sharia and Legal Consultant, Bankruptcy Trustee

Managing Partner

Ph.D. in Principles of Jurisprudence from the College of Sharia at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University with First Honor.
Master's degree in Jurisprudence from the College of Sharia at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University with First Honor.
Bachelor's degree in Sharia from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University with First Honor.

Professional Experience

Twelve years of academic teaching experience at the College of Sharia, Imam Muhammad Islamic University.
Participation in the leadership and membership of numerous ministerial committees.
Appointed as a member and head executive of Estate Contributions Commission
Representation of the Ministry of Interior in various external missions and meetings with accredited ambassadors to the Kingdom.
Participation in the team working of the Ministry of Interior and the Investigative and Prosecutorial Authority to complete the Kingdom's assessment requirements by theFinancial Action Task Force organization (FATF).
Contribution to the preparation of the executive regulations for the Enforcement System.

Arbitration Cases Experience

Scientific Contributions and Research

Academic Qualifications

Professional Memberships

Member of the Saudi Judicial Scientific Association.
Member of the Saudi Bar Association.
Certified arbitrator at the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration.
Member of the Council of the Research Excellence Center in Contemporary Issues of Jurisprudence at Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University.

Chairing an arbitration panel under the judgment of the Fifth Appeal Circuit of the Commercial Court in Riyadh, Case No. (988) for the year (1442AH-2020).
Serving as an individual arbitrator under the judgment of the Eighth Rights Circuit at the Court of Appeal in Riyadh, Case No. (421867), dated 1442/1/8AH, corresponding to 2020/8/27 (Legal).
Appointed arbitrator by the arbitrator in 1438AH-2017.
Appointed arbitrator against the arbitrator in 1440AH-2018.
Appointed arbitrator against the arbitrator in 1442AH-2021.
Appointed arbitrator against the arbitrator in 1442AH-2021.
Arbitrator under the judgment of the Fifth Appeal Circuit of the Commercial Court in Riyadh, Case No. (4452) for the year (1442AH-2021).

Participation in various scientific activities, conferences, and meetings, both in the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, and in media activities on television, radio, magazines, and newspapers.
Weekly radio program on the Quran titled 'Rights in Transactions.'
Authored several peer-reviewed books and research papers, including:
"The Wisdom of the Judge," a peer-reviewed research paper from the Saudi Judicial Association (Judicial).
"Disputes Related to Inheritance Rights," a peer-reviewed research paper.
"The Role of the Witness in the Marriage Contract," a peer-reviewed printed research paper.

Licenses and Certifications

Lawyer's license from the Ministry of Justice in 3/8/1435AH.
Notary license from the Ministry of Justice in 1/8/1437AH.
Bankruptcy Trustee license in 11/5/1441AH.
Bankruptcy Expert license in 21/9/1441AH.

Mr. Nasser bin Saleh bin Nasser Al-Abdullatif

Lawyer and Legal Advisor

Executive Director and Partner

Academic Qualifications

Professional Experience

Master's in Private Law from Dar Al Uloom University.
Bachelor's in Law from King Abdulaziz University

Specialized Training

Worked at Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Abdullatif Law Office, progressing to become an administrative assistant and later the Director of Cases Department (2007 - 2013).
Served at Lawyer Dawood bin Mohammed Al Dawood's office as a legal advisor and Director of Cases Department (2013 - 2015).

Project Management

Managed various legal projects for the Human Resources Development Fund, Horse Racing Club, Real Estate Contributions Committee, Support and Liquidation Center.

Other Responsibilities

Held the position of Secretary for the Judicial Custody and Liquidation Alliance for Sheikh Ali bin Abdullah Alesayi's estate - may he rest in peace - both within and outside the Kingdom.

Licensed to practice law by the Ministry of Justice with number (783/40) on 20/8/1440AH.
Licensed for notarial work by the Ministry of Justice with decision number (1854/41) on 1/3/1441AH.


Received specialized training in real estate systems and procedures, execution systems, and bankruptcy procedures.

Partners in Success

The company values the trust of all its clients, including government entities, royal highnesses, princes, businessmen, dignitaries, as well as various local and foreign companies and institutions.

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